fly-fliedner and roland behn - video-clip - northern pike - streamer - main - germany; (old) northern pike, 1,14 m and 13 kg (hecht aus der itz bei coburg); this northern pike (hecht) was caught with 'the pike streamer ('der hecht-streamer') and landed with the hand-landing-tool - it was not released, as it was the hugest fish / pike, fliedner did ever catch- next we will do so; click picture, in order to inlarge it
Click picture - separate site / muddler minnow - bullhead-streamer / tying instruction
click for tying instruction - pike-streamer-assortment
hand-landing equipment for fishermen
the tackle

Handmade in germany - Hint: Click pictures, in order to encrease them.
New developed hand landing equipment with blunt point. The hand-lander is placed the fish (pike) into the fissure of the lower jaw. The handle is bent downward. - Thus eases the landing procedure. The equipment serves at the same time as throat barrier. The fish is not hurt. It can be released without harm - (click picture - see video-clip).
the tackle-side

Mini-steel-hand-landing-tool - hand-gaff - click picture, in order to inlarge it
Hand-lander - Top equipment made of high-grade steel. Grasp: olive wood. The steel body in cylinder form (approx. 50 g/2 oz) serves as priest. Length: approx. 28 cm (11 in.); weight: approx: 150 g/6 oz.
Price: 78,- euro. Concider "the function side" with many fotos and two video sequences (at present in german language only).

Mini-lander - Equipment completely made of high-grade steel. For the 'beginners'. Very economically, there without the complex steel body (priest). Length: approx. 21 cm (8 in.); weight: approx. 70 g/2,3 oz.
Delivery / price: inquire. Concider "the function side" with many fotos and two video sequences (at present in german language only).
the offer

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Bestellformular, bestellzettel (PDF), email, eintrag in das gästebuch, liefer-/zahlungsbedingungen (kurzhinweis)
New double-hooks and hooks with bow.
1. Sometimes a single hook in the muzzle of the fish (pike) lies flat. It does not hook then.
2. The pike nearly always attacks the prey in right open semi-circle. Compare for this Fliedner's "northern-pike-essay".
a.) The new double-hook: The large hook hooks the fish (in its left jaw). The small hook prevents that the hook lies flat in the muzzle.
Examples/tip: Large hook: Size 2. Small hook: Size 8 or 6. Large hook: Size 2/0. Small hook: Size 6 or 4. Large hook: Size 4/0. Small hook: Size 4 or 2; - example: muddler minnow / bullhead-streamer
b.) Hook with bow: The small hook is replaced by a bow (steel wire; approx. 0.8 mm). The bow has the length of approx 1 cm (0,4/0,5 in.).
To a) and b): Small hook or bow tie up firmly with thread. Angle approx. 85°. Secure with adhesive.
"Delivery": only european-countries.

Assortment of successfull pike-streamers.
You will find a guidance for tying on the "pike-streamer-side" ("zonker").
For example, You can order an "streamer-assortment" of six / seven streamers.
(Recognise the fabulous idea of "V-zonker-strips" for (pike-)streamer's, drifting "upside-down" - cp. english desciption on separate "V-zonker-picture".)
Links: Short tying-instructions in english: "Streamer-light", "streamer-assortment",
"Delivery": european-countries and world.

Artistic trophies by Michael Hoeppner
You must admit - normal fish trophies and fish preparations are more dust-catcher and they seem smallcivil-terrible; such trophies more go into a fish hut. The designer and artist Michael Hoeppner arranges a trophy with the bones of your 'principal' fish (northern pike). You can combine it with a black and white photo. Such a trophy might be representativ even in your living room. It is best, if you contact Michael Hoeppner directly:
Michael Hoeppner
Sandstr. 52
96450 Coburg
Tel.: +49(0)9561-201456 Email: michael.hoeppner@gmx.de

Hoeppner's artificial works: BLEIWEISS and SACRA CONVERSAZIONE.

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the new hooks
the pike-streamers

Vergrößerte abbildung in separatem fenster
northern pike trophy

Illustration: Guidance for a self-made hand-landing-tool.

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